Miso.Dataset. Importers

<abstract> new Importers ( )

To specify a custom importer during dataset instantiation, just set the importer property to the class name of the importer you want. Some importers require custom properties. This section will document the properties you can set that will either cause this importer to be selected or will be required by it to continue.

Built in Importers include:

  • Miso.Dataset.Importers.Local
  • Miso.Dataset.Importers.Remote
  • Miso.Dataset.Importers.Polling
  • Miso.Dataset.Importers.GoogleSpreadsheet

An importer must implement the following interface:

You can edit the code in this block and rerun it.



Simple base extract method, passing data through. If your importer needs to extract the data from the returned payload before converting it to a Miso.Dataset, overwrite this method to return the actual data object.