Miso.Dataset. Parsers

<abstract> new Parsers ( )

The Base Miso.Parser class. To specify a custom parser, during dataset instantiation set the parser property to the class name of the parser you want. Some parsers require some custom properties. This section will document the properties you can set that will either cause this parser to be selected or will be required by it to continue.

Built in Parsers include:

  • Miso.Dataset.Parsers.Strict
  • Miso.Dataset.Parsers.Object
  • Miso.Dataset.Parsers.Delimited
  • Miso.Dataset.Parsers.GoogleSpreadsheet

The base Miso.Parser structure is:

You can edit the code in this block and rerun it.


<abstract> parse ( )

The main function for the parser, it must return an object with the columns names and the data in columns