Quick Start!

There are two ways to use Dataset:

In the Browser

To get dataset into your web development environment, follow the following steps:

Download the right build for your environment:

Include the appropriate script tags:

Start using Miso.Dataset in your code!

You should now have access to the Miso.Dataset object in your code.

In Node.js

Install appropriate package:

npm install miso.dataset

Use the library in code:

var Miso = require("miso.dataset");
var ds = new Miso.Dataset...


If you chose to include the production version without built in dependencies, you may need to include them yourself. Dataset requires the following libraries:

If you are using IE, you will want to include json2.js:

Creating Your First Dataset

There are many ways to import your data into Dataset, but here are a few common examples that should get you going. For full instructions see the Creating a Dataset tutorial.

Creating a Basic Dataset

In this example we are going to create a dataset that is based on a collection of objects, each representing a row. Let's assume you have a local var that contains the following array of objects:

You can then create your dataset like so:

You can edit the code in this block and rerun it.

Creating a Dataset from a Remote Source

In this example, we are going to retrieve a set of data that is located at the following url: http://misoproject.com/data/crudeoil.csv

Note that the data above is comma, delimited. You can create a dataset against this url like so.

You can edit the code in this block and rerun it.

Dataset from Google Spreadsheets »